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The Perks of Having a Bunny

Helllooo again!!

Ever wanted a dog but your mom never let you? Well, why not consider a rabbit for a pet. Here are some perks of having a bunny.

First, let me tell you somethings about my little fuzz ball! His name is Chubby and he is an adorable Holland Lop. He is smart rabbit and he is easy to train (he has a few tricks up his sleeve ;). He loves loves loves food above all things. He’s super fluffy and half of his body is fur! I’ve seen him jump about 2 feet high before . Chubby loves being outside in the yard, and on rainy days when he can’t go outside, he chews up the newspaper as a little statement that he’s dissatisfied.

His model pose…

Anyways….. I got a little carried away.

1) They are the cutest thing ever!

They strike the cutest poses while they are doing anything: sleeping, standing, eating, and even when they are taking a poo :D. Cutest thing ever!!!


2) Owning a rabbit takes less responsibility.

If you are a busy  person, you don’t need to walk a rabbit multiple times a day, pick its poo up, give it a bath (you aren’t suppose to give rabbits a bath), or take it to the Veterinarian. It’s a lot easier to convince you parents to get you a rabbit instead of a dog. Don’t get me wrong, you still have to take good care of it!

3) The cost is way less than a dog or cat.

Dogs are quite expensive. Buying the dog itself, high quality food, medical bills, grooming, and dog hotels/airplane boarding fees are all very expensive. A rabbit is much more forgiving to your wallet.



4) Rabbits are better than other small animals.

If you have had small animals in the past, you might know that small pets can die more easily. I don’t know if this is scientifically supported, but I think that since rabbits are bigger than most small animals, their chance of living longer increases.

5) They are very clean. Minimal allergies. 

My mom doesn’t like animals with dirty paws. Rabbits clean themselves up like a cat does. Rabbits do shed, but they shed less than other pets. So, if you or anyone in your family has slight allergies, rabbits won’t be a problem.

I spy with my little eyes….

Next time you talk to your parents about getting a rabbit, you can throw these facts at them (not literally!) and they just might agree with you.

He looks so innocent… But he’s not!! 😀


Hugs xoxoxoxo.




9 thoughts on “The Perks of Having a Bunny

  1. This bunny is so cute!!! You are very lucky! ! I always want to have cat and rabbit. It’s true fact that rabbits are so cute and innocent but they’re so naughty:D


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