Best Productivity Chrome Extension

Hello Everyone! I hope that your day has been going awesome today!

I love picturesque things. I love (and wish:D) to be productive. Put those two things together and you get the Momentum App.

Every time you open a new tab, a stunning picture will greet you along with a few personalizable cute details to inspire you to be productive.

Screenshot (9)

The photography picture in the background is switched out every few days which is a bonus because I get bored with things very fast.

You will be able to see the time and a greeting to you. You can enter in your main focus for that day as a reminder to stay on task. It’s just so nice…..

On the very bottom, there is a quick inspirational quote. Of course, I love the quote but I wish they made it larger. “The future depends on what we do in the present.”

In the right bottom, there is a personalized todo list. On the top right corner, the weather is displayed. It’s essentially a beautiful dashboard to keep you productive throughout the day.

Screenshot (18)
Adelina is my name in Spanish Class 😀

Screenshot (15)Screenshot (12)

The Momentum Chrome Extension is available in the chrome web store for free…. and it’s virus free too (if you were wondering 😉

To be honest, I usually don’t use the Todo list since I don’t want to type out everything I already have written down in my planner. I use the main focus thing when I have an essay or test to study for, or when I have an urge to go and play on YouTube (almost every single time basically).

Hope you guys try it out for fun!





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