Short Story


Perfection (1)

For a split second, his wandering gaze met hers. She sat in the corner of the restaurant with her best friend, laughing at a pun her friend made.

He thought that her laugh was absolutely beautiful. The corners of her mouth slowly turned, her cute dimples appeared, and soon enough, her eyes lit up her entire face. He loved the periwinkle dress she wore.  He loved her hairdo. He loved the way she gestured with her hands when she was talking. She was pure perfection in his eyes.

She couldn’t help but release an uncontrollable snort as her best friend made a hilarious comment. She laughed heartily for a few seconds but quickly returned to her dazzling smile. They all said that her smile was beautiful, but her laugh was hideous, like a howling cow. Or something along those lines…

She hated her laugh and how she would snort every time, so she tried to control it as much as possible. She believed that once she got rid of her nasty laugh, she would be perfect.

This post is in response to today’s writing prompt, perfection

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