Day 1 of Awesome Quotes!!!

Helllooo Guys!

Thank you to My Valiant Soul and Nicky  for nominating me for this lovely 3 Day Quote Challenge. I am extremely grateful for this nomination 😀

The Rules:

1.Thank the person that nominated you.

2. Post 1-3 quotes for consecutive 3 days.

3. Nominate 3 other bloggers each day.

Some Lovely Lovely Quotes 😀 

Don't worry about falururesWorry about the chances you will miss when you don't even try

Sometimes we just scare ourselves with our thoughts and we think too much. Try something new cause you can only gain positive things from that.

Be someone who makes Everybody feel like a someone


If you feel like your friend is down or being neglected, talk to them and make them feel like a someone 😀 cause people’s lives sometimes go crazy….

Quote 4


And if you were wondering… these quote arts are made from Canva.


Here are my nominations (please check them out cause they are awesome!!!) 



Girl Surviving the World 



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