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2 Truths & 1 Lie … Revealed!!!

Here is the long awaited answers to 2 Truths and 1 Lie!!! Scroll down for the orignial statements and the lie is in red  (the color of blooood MWAHAHAHAH 😀 )

Again, thank you Jay and Allie ,I luv you both 💕💕💕.

Answers: C A B B B

Anna Sugg: 3 Correct

My Valiant Soul: 3 Correct

Jay: 3 Correct

Chiickie!: 2.5 correct… You had 2 answers for the 1st one I think 😀

Allie: 2 Correct

Benny: 2 Correct

Fernanda: 2 Correct

Purple: 2 Correct

Sav: 1 Correct

Regina: 1 Correct

Messy Tittles: 1 correct

1)   a. I spent 4 hours at the dentist trying to get a stupid invisalign mold because my mouth was too small, they had to do it a bazillion times.

b. The only sleepover I have ever been to was with a guy, but I was like 6 years old😀

c. When I was in China, I ate dog meat without knowing it……😦 (I’m Chinese and we don’t eat dogs… or cats!!! )


2)a. I’ve met Lang Lang (really famous pianist) before and I got to take a picture with him!

b. My closet is so incredibly sad that my brother has more clothes than I do. (the sad truth…)

c. I’ve known my piano teacher for 11 years (I’m 14), longer than anyone else except for my family (obviously). 


3)a. I spend a considerably long time on yelp looking at pictures of food every night.

b. I wear my glasses so much that I think I look weird/unfamiliar without my glasses.

c. I have quite a few extremely annoying problems with my body (scoliosis and knee/acl tear) that’s keeping me from playing sports.


4) a. My best friend (who moved away) and I use to smell each other’s hair for fun but we would both think that each other’s hair smelled terrible like vomit.

b. I got to sing/record (for fun) in a professional studio because my friend’s mom worked there. (Yeah…. not happening anytime soon either) 

c. I’m 14 and I don’t have any social media at all because my mom doesn’t like them! (except for wordpress)


5)a. I’ve only talked to my 2 cousins twice in my life when we went to visit them.

b. I use to have a slingshot and I accidentally shattered my neighbor’s window (a small one) and my family had to pay 600$ for it (I know, very cliche) (I used to have a slingshot though….)

c. I am madly obsessed with Chinese dramas (anyone else?)

Which one were you guys most surprised about? 




36 thoughts on “2 Truths & 1 Lie … Revealed!!!

  1. Hey, more than surprised part, I can closely associate with your glasses thing, as I too wear them and many times have felt the same thing

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          1. Google rocks! !!! :D.. I searched out selected rejected some image and finally I found this. 😀 Thank you dear. And I love your panda display image.

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