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Guy vs. Gal : Clothing Edition


I’ve been raving about this for a while to my parents cause sometimes you can’t help notice the quality and price differences between girl and guy clothing.

  1. FABRIC THICKNESS: I   ‘ve noticed this sooooo much but when you buy girl clothing at a reasonable price, the fabric is so frickin’ thin! This is so so so annoying! When you hold it up to the light, you can see all the holes in them and of course, bras are like 10x more noticeable now. And of course, washing the clothing just wears it down. However, guy clothing is always a reasonable thickness but still comfortable.I mean, girls get cold too ya know.
  2. POCKET SIZE:    Pockets are always super useful as hand warmers or phone holders but girl pockets are super small! Almost half the size of guy pockets. My dad can literally fit a water bottle in his shorts (although it’s a little awkward) and most of my pants either have no pockets or pockets big enough to hold a credit card. Also, lots of girl clothing have fake pockets…. seriously?!
  3. PRICE:   So I was at a Nike outlet store, and I found that the exact same shoe model and name was 10$ more expensive for the women size than the men size. I would guess that guy clothing is generally cheaper, but I’m not too sure about that. But I do know that some simple white T-Shirts with a logo from like Polo or hollister is like 30 USD for both genders. If you have ever walked into a US Polo shop you would know…
  4. LOGOS:    Now this last point is just something interesting I have noticed. Lots of girl clothing have superheros and what society would consider “guy” things. However, you don’t see a section of guy clothes with Elsa and Disney princesses on it 😀 😀 

Is it just me and the shops I go to or is the fabric thickness for girls sometimes just way too thin? 

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Adelina 😀 😀 

34 thoughts on “Guy vs. Gal : Clothing Edition

  1. Omg this post is SOOOO true!! And I know exactly what you’re talking about, cause I buy both genders’ clothes hehe 😛 😛 I hate when I buy a jacket and it had whether tiny pockets or just fake ones, like are you serious? Girl clothes are SOOO thin!! That’s why I have boy sweaters! XD XD
    Great post!! XD

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    1. That’s true about the hot weather 😀 it’s not like pockets make clothes uglier or anything, they make them more practical! Sorry for the late reply btw I just got back from vacation 😀😀💕💕💕

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        1. Yah lots of lots of really high mountains and animals 😀 it was a national park and usually national parks have super expensive gas and food because it’s in the middle of nowhere but the gas there was like 1 dollar cheaper than where I live. How much is gas where you live? The highest it’s been was like 4.40 a few months ago but now it’s like 2.90 😀

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  2. You make some good points! I do feel like a lot of things are more expensive for women (I think they call it the ‘pink tax’) including clothing. My partner can buy a pack of men’s T-shirts at the store for like $10, say what? And the fabric is thicker too like you said!

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    1. That’s so true! I have always wondered how much does it actually cost to make those clothing or like when you go to a fancy restaurant and they charge you like a billion dollars for super small servings, how much does it actually cost to cook those meals 😀😀😀

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  3. I get annoyed when I walk into a shop and I see such a range awesome of shirts for guys and then I look in the women’s section and there is a tiny selection of shirts 😭 Maybe I’m walking into the wrong stores 😂

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    1. I always get pretty confused when people say shirt cause do you mean t shirt or like dress shirt… 😀😀😀 but if you’re talking about dress shirts and formal wear, i had to go to 3 stores to find a black women’s dress shirt 😑. I really love trying on women’s business suit jacket thingy cause it makes me feel ‘important’ …hehehehehehehe

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        1. 😂😂😂 😂😂 …… Yes, I did copy and paste your smiley faces on your comment to mine….. cause sadly my computer doesn’t have an emoji keyboard… heheheheheh. I actually don’t own a blazer 😀 😀 😀

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