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Pet Peeves


It’s been a while, hasn’t it? Yes, school is such a lovely place where teachers love to bury you in homework πŸ™‚

[A Pet Peeve is something that really annoys you]

Please don’t be offended if you do some of these things. Β I do them too sometimes πŸ˜€

Not Covering Sneezes/Coughs:Β Yes, we have all met those annoying people who just don’t cover their sneezes and coughs. It’s quite disgusting especially if they sit next to you or they coughed right in your direction.Β No, covering with your hands is not enough! Use your Elbow. And don’t touch my stuff after you just sneezed in your hands….

Image result for cover sneeze gif

Stealing Food:Β Don’t ask me for my snacks every single time I bring something. You can have a few, not a handful! Sometimes that food is my only lunch and I don’t want to share with you because I’m hungry. Especially don’t touch my chips with your hands that you just sneezed on….

Image result for stealing food gif

Picky Eaters:Β This is quite common. I have a lot of friends that are soooooo picky. They won’t ever eat the sandwich their mom packed for them. I hate it when people pretend vomit from “disgusting” food. But their definition of disgusting food is basically just regular food that I eat all the time. It annoys me when people throw away food that their mom has packed for them, and then they go to the cafeteria to buy a slice of pizza.

Image result for picky eater memeComplaining About Traffic:Β I don’t drive, so I’m probably just over reacting:) Β  Β  Lots of adults love to complain about traffic and it annoys me because complaining isn’t going to make anything better. It just makes everyone in the car have a negative attitude.

Hairy Legs:Β I hate it when people complain about their hairy legs, or other people’s hairy legs. It’s natural… so why complain about it? Society tells girls that hair legs are ugly and bad and that really pisses me off. You think I like to have hairy legs? Think again…. They grow NATURALLY. If you want to shave your legs, go ahead. But don’t make me embarrassed about my hairy legs.

Do you guys relate to any of these and what is your top pet peeve?Β Also, do you think the gifs/graphics might be too excessive or do you like them?

Luv ya all and Happy Thanksgiving,



19 thoughts on “Pet Peeves

  1. The coughing one. Seriously, it should be common decency.
    I once sat beside a lady in public transport and the when, for some unknown reason, I suddenly turned at her direction was the time she coughed. So it was on my ear and cheek.
    I had to keep myself from becoming a dragon because of how disgusted and horrified and annoyed I was.

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