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A View of Society: Post Trump Inauguration

I’m a 14 year old girl, who is infected with media and what the media thinks. Whether that’s for or against the new administration, media shapes my views… and my parents do too. And that’s why it’s fair to say that I’m just another spoiled teenage brat thinking she knows what the hell she’s talking about but she just sounds like another ignorant brat in this world.
(Part 1 is about partisanship in society today. Part 2 is about all this Trump Drama at school)

Part 1:
I’m not a Trump supporter, I’m not a Obama or Hillary supporter, I’m an American. And everything I say in this post is PRO AMERICAN… just a clarification πŸ™‚

And it’s outrageous, in my mind that Americans have been divided into sections: democrat or republican, Trump or Hillary, accepting and non accepting. It’s completely outrageous. Obviously this has exceptions, but I don’t believe that a single hot pressing issue has an answer that is completely yes or completely no.

The meaning of pro american, anti gay, feminism have all been changed into something else in the last few years. Let’s take the Women’s Rights March all over America today…. everyone is always saying “need to let our voices be heard”…. “Beauty of American democracy”… and it’s true, but it’s like that if you don’t go out in the streets of your nearest urban city and scream and be passionate and make traffic and inconvenience for the rest of the community, you aren’t letting your voice be heard… you aren’t exercising American democracy. Obviously I’m not saying protest is bad, by all means get out there and say what you need to say if you want to.

To be honest, I’m not sure what my view exactly is, butΒ it’s so increasingly frustrating when you see on television that people are like Trump this bad Trump that bad, like he’s already OUR freaking president. What good is it when you berate your own president… it makes you look bad… it makes the country bad. The goal of these movements is to SOLVE problems. Not to make problems. And sometimes there is more to SOLVING problems than going on camera and telling the world how much women’s rights means to you and how terrible the new president is going to be.

(Just an example, anti anything can be used) Anti-gays shouldn’t be yelled down. They should be respected like any other human being. Obviously maybe being more open might be better for society as a whole, but society these days almost pressures you to go with the popular opinion. Rather than trying to explain different views and discussion, we seem to turn to violence or just lots of loud noisy yelling at each other. That’s not what it should be.

And frankly this is what happens with my mom (and everyone really). She would complain about something, when it is already too late to change it. Instead of trying to see what she can do to make the situation better, she continues complaining.

When Americans are consistently labeled as Pro or Anti Trump, it ruins the whole point of protesting, it ruins the whole point of American democracy. We are all here to tell people what they think we can do better, not to be labeled as opposing forces.

Part 2:
This is the most FRUSTRATING thing ever and here’s the story.

So let’s say its the day after the election and Trump won. My history teacher comes and tells us that the school is an open and safe space where everyone should be included, whether for or against trump. Immigrants and everyone is protected at this school. She says that she isΒ not being biased by the way. But… it’s really important that we remember our rights and remember that… blah blah blah and goes on a half hour talkΒ about everything anti-Trump… without mentioning his name once.

Everyone is entitled to their own views, but for a teacher to stand up and tell his/her students that they are being unbiased … and then go on a rant about Trump (or Hillary depending on where you live)… that is annoying. Teachers influence my thinking and other students’ thinking so very much that I would call it irresponsible of them to say those things.

It wasn’t just one or two teachers, it was almost every freaking one of my teachers doing this.

You know those emotional surges you get? Well I’m getting one of those and writing this… which means that I might not be thinking very clearly when I’m writing this. And I’m gonna post this before I regret it.

Seriously if you are reading this right now… I so very much appreciate your kindness for reading so far and for caring.

Luv ya all,

22 thoughts on “A View of Society: Post Trump Inauguration

  1. I read this out (as loud as I could) in an american accent pretending the whole world was hearing me because they need to see this post. THEY NEED TO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You may be 14, but you’re making more sense then the adults round here *cough, cough* Presidents and oppositions.

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  2. Oh my gosh, thank you so much for writing this! Someone who isn’t extremely pushy about every politics. I totally agree, I’m an American and I stand for my country. Tearing each other apart over political beliefs isn’t American at all in my opinion.

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  3. I UNDERSTAND THIS COMPLETELY! everyone’s view in the world is important and no matter what the view is, it shouldn’t be the cause of violence and hatred. America divided is the complete opposite of making America great again. Every country should work together and become a world where we work together to make a better future for everyone. I’m not American but I can recognise your frustration in this, good blog post btw πŸ™‚ x

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  4. So much for a 14 year old! Reninded me age is just a number. You’re wonderful and keep working on it. And btw, i happened to hear some positive opinions about a book ‘The Trump Survival Guide’ by Gene Stone from my friend. Hope it may help you or your friends.

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  5. Well this is pretty good with logic not simply ranting I hate Trumph. Impressed by you that a girl of 14 years age, making more than the sense then the adults πŸ˜‰

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