About Me

Helllooo  wonderful people of the internet!!!

This post is long long loooonng overdue (sorry about that! hehe). I go by the name Adelina and I’m just an ordinary Asian girl living in a sunny state of US :D. I love learning, reading, talking, eating (fooood!), and my most recent obsession is you guys and the lovely blogosphere! I’m an ex-tennis player, I play the piano, and I do debate.

I’m not too good with intros and fancy wordings in general as you can tell :D. I’m not sure what I want to be when I grow up but previously I was into business/ finance stuff but I’m still tryin’ to find my place in this world.

This blog is mainly to put a smile on peoples faces and put my thoughts into the world and to inspire others:D. Okay I think this is enough rambling for now. See you guys later in my posts! If you have any troubles, please feel free to comment and we can talk 😀