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16 Lessons I’ve Learned in 2016


Please read (to) the end :)))

Today is the last day of 2016! Happy New Year and Cheers to everyone!

Things I have learned, as a 14 year old girl, this year: Enjoy and feel free to comment something you’ve learned :)))

1 . Family is #1. Love them, Forgive them, Trust them.

2. I don’t have to be happy all the time when I’m around my friends. I should stop feeling the “pressure” to be happy and funny.

3. I shouldn’t be super super super excited about doing something, like a new hobby because chances are, the more excited I am, the more disappointing I will be when I find out that that hobby isn’t that great. I shouldn’t buy all the supplies and spend my time researching. Try it first.

4. I shouldn’t underestimate my ability.

5. I am really really lazy.

6. I am not as productive as I thought I would be.

7. People around me can influence me A LOT and I need to be careful about that.

8. Don’t be a brat. Cherish what you have, especially your family.

9. TONS of Water and sleep cures lots of sicknesses. (If you are reading this, you better go drink a glass of water and you can thank me later when you don’t get sick and live a long and happy life. Credits to MWAAAA) :))))

10. It’s okay to NOT be original.

11. It’s okay to NOT be the leader.

12. Tumblr is awesome.

13. Cliche statements like “Be yourself” don’t really mean anything when you tell them to someone.

14. I am so freaking blessed in so many wonderful ways πŸ™‚

15.Β A lot of times, when I complain about something way too much, that thing isn’t actually as bad as I think it is. Vice versa. When I overly compliment something, it’s usually not as great as I think. Standards are everything.

16. Not having a best friend is hard.

And I shall leave you all with a picture of wisdom… A picture is worth a thousand words… so this is a thousands words of wisdom.

Image result for cute animal
I Woke Up Like Dis…dats right


Guyssss I think that I just made a new blogging series: me making up memes and captions… Whatdoya guys think?

And any of you true homies, make a caption for this photo too in the comments :)))



61 thoughts on “16 Lessons I’ve Learned in 2016

  1. I absolutely love this post!! XD For me, not having a best friend is the best thing ever, for some reason I find it very stressful and unnecessary. And yeah, it’s ok to not be original, but you my friend are very original, I may not know you in real life, but your blog is pretty original!!! XD
    I loved the hamster with the wig! So funny! πŸ˜›
    All the best for 2017!! Happy new year!! XD

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  2. I can’t think of a caption for that hamster, but it’s a hilarious picture πŸ™‚ You learned a lot in 2016, and you taught me a lot through this post – so thank you for that. I enjoyed reading this πŸ™‚

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  3. I always seem to forget about how important Family is. No matter what., they love us most! I thought I was the only one. Even when I’m sad, I just act happy. Should I? I don’t do it on purpose now, it;s just instinct to be friendly?
    This happens to me all the time! I get excited about a hobby and waste a lot of time & effort. I remember Origami, I was so excited to start and then I brought so many kits, and a week later they began collecting dust!High five! I am so lazy and end up procrastinating! I need to stop! Yes, some quotes and statements are meaningless now!

    Oh, and I got CAPTION!

    “Um, yeah, I’m the hamster version of Effie Trinket, AND WHAT?”
    Hehe, I loved your caption too!

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    1. This might sound weird… but I really appreciate your thoughtful comment:)))
      I’m almost the opposite of you, with my friends, I act happy, and with my family… I just let it all out πŸ™‚ Hmmm I think that when some more major/serious things in your life come up, you should definitely talk to your family and “let it all out”. But hey, every family is different. If your family is the “friendly with each other” type, that’s awesome It’s all about what you feel is comfortable :))
      Dude omg yas origami!!! Same. I also got into polymer clay charms and I have the stupidly expensive clay and tools and I never touch it anymore!
      hehehe Effie Trinket :))) omg i was reading some random news, and there is like this TV show in russia where they have a real life hunger games where they have to live in the wilderness from sometime… and they have to sign a contract saying that they can’t sue them if they get murdered and raped. *menervouslylaughing….

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  4. I can relate to so many of the lessons you’ve learnt last year and I’d absolutely LOVE to see that new blogging series; it sounds brilliant…I mean, who doesn’t love memes?! Also, loving that hamster meme – the hair kinda reminds me of Katy Perry x

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