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16 Lessons I’ve Learned in 2016


Please read (to) the end :)))

Today is the last day of 2016! Happy New Year and Cheers to everyone!

Things I have learned, as a 14 year old girl, this year: Enjoy and feel free to comment something you’ve learned :)))

1 . Family is #1. Love them, Forgive them, Trust them.

2. I don’t have to be happy all the time when I’m around my friends. I should stop feeling the “pressure” to be happy and funny.

3. I shouldn’t be super super super excited about doing something, like a new hobby because chances are, the more excited I am, the more disappointing I will be when I find out that that hobby isn’t that great. I shouldn’t buy all the supplies and spend my time researching. Try it first.

4. I shouldn’t underestimate my ability.

5. I am really really lazy.

6. I am not as productive as I thought I would be.

7. People around me can influence me A LOT and I need to be careful about that.

8. Don’t be a brat. Cherish what you have, especially your family.

9. TONS of Water and sleep cures lots of sicknesses. (If you are reading this, you better go drink a glass of water and you can thank me later when you don’t get sick and live a long and happy life. Credits to MWAAAA) :))))

10. It’s okay to NOT be original.

11. It’s okay to NOT be the leader.

12. Tumblr is awesome.

13. Cliche statements like “Be yourself” don’t really mean anything when you tell them to someone.

14. I am so freaking blessed in so many wonderful ways 🙂

15. A lot of times, when I complain about something way too much, that thing isn’t actually as bad as I think it is. Vice versa. When I overly compliment something, it’s usually not as great as I think. Standards are everything.

16. Not having a best friend is hard.

And I shall leave you all with a picture of wisdom… A picture is worth a thousand words… so this is a thousands words of wisdom.

Image result for cute animal
I Woke Up Like Dis…dats right


Guyssss I think that I just made a new blogging series: me making up memes and captions… Whatdoya guys think?

And any of you true homies, make a caption for this photo too in the comments :)))



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DIY Washi Tape w/ Basic Materials

Hellloo and Merry Christmas!!!!

There has been this huge trend with Washi tape, a Japanese cute patterned masking tape like thing, that can be used for scrapbooking, journaling, decorations, and crafts.

Image Credits

However…dun dun dun… it’s pretty expensive… like a few dollars for a small roll.

You know how you click on a really cool DIY but it includes all the materials you don’t have… well, here’s an easy DIY anyone can do in about 5 minutes.

However, I must admit, thisis sort of a DIY Sticker thing… but then again… washi tape is pretty much like a sticker… ENJOY!

*Try to read the instructions and not just the pictures because there are some helpful guidlines :)))

Step 1: Materials

  • Liquid Glue (but if you’re desperate, stick glue should work)
  • *Masking Tape 
    • But scotch or clear tape is okay
    • Masking tape is more like Washi Tape because it’s re-stickable.
  • Parchment, wax, or baking paper 
  • Scissors and/or Exacto Knife
  • Old Paint brush (but again, if you’re desperate, just use a toothpick or something you can spread glue with)
  • Cute paper or cloth with a pattern
    • Some examples of cute household patterns: newspaper, old clothes, maps, printouts from the web, or you can even draw your pattern!


Step 2:

  • Place your tape with the sticky side down to your parchment/waxy paper


Step 3:

  •  Turn your parchment paper over and mark where the tape is, so it will be easier to cut out
  • Squeeze glue along your tape (it should be the non sticky side)


  • *Use your paint brush to spread the glue to avoid bumps


Step 4:

  • Stick your paper/cloth onto the tape with glue. The pattern you want showing should not be touching the glue.
  • *Put something heavy on the paper. Wait for 30 seconds – 1 Minute ish for the glue to dry


Step 5:

  • If needed, cut the excess parchment and patterned paper off.
  • Now, all you have to do is when you need the tape, peel the parchment paper off and stick!
    • *I recommend to make a thin slit with an exacto knife on the parchment paper only, to make it easier to peel the Washi tape.
  • TA-DA!!!! Washi Tape Mission = Success!


Hope you enjoyed this DIY!!!!

I also used sort of the same method, except i switched out the glue for double sided tape, which works well too. I made this huge cookie sticker that is “laminated” with tape (lol when you are too cheap to buy stickers). Hey, big kids can have fun with stickers too 😀


I highly doubt anyone is going to read this far… but this  cookie was cut out of a Time Magazine Geico Ad 🙂 lol


Adelina 🙂


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Pet Peeves


It’s been a while, hasn’t it? Yes, school is such a lovely place where teachers love to bury you in homework 🙂

[A Pet Peeve is something that really annoys you]

Please don’t be offended if you do some of these things.  I do them too sometimes 😀

Not Covering Sneezes/Coughs: Yes, we have all met those annoying people who just don’t cover their sneezes and coughs. It’s quite disgusting especially if they sit next to you or they coughed right in your direction. No, covering with your hands is not enough! Use your Elbow. And don’t touch my stuff after you just sneezed in your hands….

Image result for cover sneeze gif

Stealing Food: Don’t ask me for my snacks every single time I bring something. You can have a few, not a handful! Sometimes that food is my only lunch and I don’t want to share with you because I’m hungry. Especially don’t touch my chips with your hands that you just sneezed on….

Image result for stealing food gif

Picky Eaters: This is quite common. I have a lot of friends that are soooooo picky. They won’t ever eat the sandwich their mom packed for them. I hate it when people pretend vomit from “disgusting” food. But their definition of disgusting food is basically just regular food that I eat all the time. It annoys me when people throw away food that their mom has packed for them, and then they go to the cafeteria to buy a slice of pizza.

Image result for picky eater memeComplaining About Traffic: I don’t drive, so I’m probably just over reacting:)     Lots of adults love to complain about traffic and it annoys me because complaining isn’t going to make anything better. It just makes everyone in the car have a negative attitude.

Hairy Legs: I hate it when people complain about their hairy legs, or other people’s hairy legs. It’s natural… so why complain about it? Society tells girls that hair legs are ugly and bad and that really pisses me off. You think I like to have hairy legs? Think again…. They grow NATURALLY. If you want to shave your legs, go ahead. But don’t make me embarrassed about my hairy legs.

Do you guys relate to any of these and what is your top pet peeve? Also, do you think the gifs/graphics might be too excessive or do you like them?

Luv ya all and Happy Thanksgiving,



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Without a Bestie…

Hello beautiful people of the internet!

Can anyone relate to the following stuff about life?

It really really reallllly sucks not to have a best friend. I hang out with a group of 6ish friends and they are wonderful, smart, and beautiful people. But I can’t help but feel left out a lot of times. Sometimes it’s like they are trying to ignore me on purpose….. but then after a few weeks things go back to normal.

Image result for alone tumblr pic

No one in my group has a definite best friend…. and it really sucks.

I don’t have that one friend that I can truly share my deepest and darkest secrets with. The one where I can talk about nerdy stuff without them thinking I’m too serious. The one where I can talk about family issues. The one where we can make up completely stupid dances. The one where i can run to and hug and cry off all my worries.

I don’t have that one friend where we can be completely stupid together and not care about what others think.

There are 2 people in my friend group that are more…. popular? More socially pleasing? They just know what to say and when to say and they have that magic social charm. And everyone else in my group likes to hangout with them. And it seems like conversations don’t happen too much without those 2 “popular” people.

I don’t know that any one of my friends would consider me as their first choice. I feel all alone sometimes.

I’m not depressed or anything it’s just that I miss the old  life where I had that definite best friend and partner in crime but she moved away 😦




BTS: Why School is Awesome…


First off… I am so so soooooooo extremely sorry for being inactive recently (like anyone would notice…) but ya know… school got into the way.

I can probably rant about 101 reasons why school is TERRIBLE but let’s be a little optimistic today 😀

Image result for back to school gif

  1. FRIENDS  My friends are an entire different story that’s kind of depressing to talk about… but maybe another time in a post. Who can’t live without friends? So much giggling and gossiping and talking and eating and making fun of people…. you can never get sick of that! It’s nice to talk to someone that’s not your mom all the time…hehehehe your friends should be awesome or else they aren’t really your friends.

Image result for friends quote2. BTS SHOPPING:    There’s probably a whole gang of people that DESPISE BTS shopping but for me…. it’s EXCITING!!! I sound like a little kid but getting new pens and pencils and planners and binders and notebooks…. gaspppp …. it’s amazing

3.    LEARNING STUFF:    And there’s that whole education thing and how we are so privileged to have such good education and how lucky we are and blah blah blah…. it’s all true but you should actually be happy and excited about learning stuff. People shouldn’t have to tell you and remind you that education is fun. I mean being smart is fun going to a nice college is fun having a good job is fun (I know.. there is more to life than that and all that shit haters gotta hate) but learning stuff if fun for me at least.

4.   HOMEWORK     Let me get this straight, I hate homework…. but I’m also working on the positivity thing too…. Doing homework reminds me that I’m actually doing something with my life and I’m not spending hours on YouTube scrolling through useless videos.

Image result for school gif
reality though…

So these are 4 reasons why school isn’t as bad as it sounds…. What’s the best part about school for you??? And also… I know that there’s like a billion grammar errors but….. ain’t nobody got time for that 😀




#HerSpiritPassion – JOIN THE MOVEMENT

Please check this out. My friend here says it all here like a BOSS with absolute GIRL POWER and so much POSITIVITY!

A Girl That Blah 👅

​Hello my fellas🐬

Am on the mood to pump up girls’ strength and start the movement of #HerSpiritPassion.So be ready-steady-go?💃

Am launching a brand new concept/movement of empowering girls’ capabilities, inner strength and switching their hobbies into passion by featuring the following on my blog:

  • Fashion:Any girl who is generally a fashionista but is unaware of it. Wake-up ! I am here to give you an opportunity to feature your fashion lookbook,interviews and your personal style book on my blog. 👒👗👓
  • Critic : In case you are in love with judging or giving your views upon food,places,products or SOCIETY NORMS. You are most welcome on my blog. Am here for shoutout. 🔰🌻🐒
  • Lifestyle:Got a unique style of living. You use something differently. Ping me here on my blog. 🐼🌴🍍
  • Activities: No matter if she sing,dance,cook,paint,good in making hairstyles,Nail art,Diy or anything. Let’s convert her A.R.T. into…

View original post 153 more words


How Many Slaves Work For You?


That chocolate bar you just ate, the cotton shirt you have on…. what about that iPhone you have? How about that carpet underneath your feet? Seafood, vegetables, nuts, makeup, sport balls, tea, the laptop or phone you are on, everything around you…

Made by slaves? Maybe….

10s of millions of people and children forced to work against there will. Barely paid, crowded and dirty conditions. Suicides are quite common. Does this happen in big reputable brands? Of course it does, just search up Apple and Slavery and you will be surprised.

They are the ones to carry the cocoa beans. They are the ones to pick the cotton. They are the ones that carry all the burden.

The emancipation never… never ever freed the slaves.

Most of us probably and hopefully don’t contribute to prostitution human trafficking, but every day products you and I use? Made by slaves? Yes.

Conditions so terrible in companies that they have to install suicide nets. So terrible that they have to force their employees sign agreements stating that their family members can’t sue them for their suicide. Companies bringing in millions or billions but their workers…… just $2 a day for some? Some companies know, but others aren’t always aware of this modern slavery.

Oh the irony when you and I learn about this slavery on a device that has probably touched the sweat and tears of a soul chained to labor.

Change is hard in the world. Make a difference by educating yourself and others.

How many slaves work for you? Take the survey here. Be sure that you fine tune your answers for the most accurate results (gear/setting button on the left hand side of your screen).

How many slaves work for you? I have 29 of them…. 😦



This is in response to today’s one word prompt, Carry

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Sunshine Blogger Award!!!

Omgomgomgomgomg!!!! I’m nominated for another blogger award! Everytime it happens, I am extremely overjoyed… I feel like a celebrity *flips hair… but finds out my hair is too short for that… hehehehe.

The oh so lovely Deboleena has nominated me and she is one of the most sweetest bloggers I know! She has a bunch of awesome posts (all of them!) and she is like a ray of sunshine through the blogosphere 😀 😀 😀 Luv you Deboleena ❤❤❤

Please check her out!!! Here are the questions she asked me…

  1. What is life to you?     Oooooh how philosophical! Life is just….. life…jk. For me, life is the opportunity to do great things. Not necessarily to be someone famous or someone who changed the life of many others because making yourself happy is a truly great thing. Life is a test of how great you are, how you deal with situations, and how much awesomeness you can possess. Life is something people should enjoy.
  2. How do you imagine yourself in the next 10 years?     To be honest, I’m not sure. I would be 24 years old so I probably would have a boyfriend and be in graduate school. I’m not really sure what my “life goals”/career/job goals are yet 😀 😀 
  3. 5 people you will always want in life?      My family, a true BFF, true love *winkwink, and a mentor of some type. I would like to be surrounded by smart, positive, successful, and just great people who care about me…… but ya know, life doesn’t really go like that 😀 


Time for nominations!!! (Feel free the use the award picture too!)

My Questions for my nominees:

  1. What are some awesome things about you (as a person) and what are some not too awesome things?
  2. Other than blogging, what would you spend your free time doing?
  3. Tell us a moment where you were super proud of yourself, or what is one great accomplishment of yours?  😀

Luv you all and Hugs,

Adelina 😀

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Guy vs. Gal : Clothing Edition


I’ve been raving about this for a while to my parents cause sometimes you can’t help notice the quality and price differences between girl and guy clothing.

  1. FABRIC THICKNESS: I   ‘ve noticed this sooooo much but when you buy girl clothing at a reasonable price, the fabric is so frickin’ thin! This is so so so annoying! When you hold it up to the light, you can see all the holes in them and of course, bras are like 10x more noticeable now. And of course, washing the clothing just wears it down. However, guy clothing is always a reasonable thickness but still comfortable.I mean, girls get cold too ya know.
  2. POCKET SIZE:    Pockets are always super useful as hand warmers or phone holders but girl pockets are super small! Almost half the size of guy pockets. My dad can literally fit a water bottle in his shorts (although it’s a little awkward) and most of my pants either have no pockets or pockets big enough to hold a credit card. Also, lots of girl clothing have fake pockets…. seriously?!
  3. PRICE:   So I was at a Nike outlet store, and I found that the exact same shoe model and name was 10$ more expensive for the women size than the men size. I would guess that guy clothing is generally cheaper, but I’m not too sure about that. But I do know that some simple white T-Shirts with a logo from like Polo or hollister is like 30 USD for both genders. If you have ever walked into a US Polo shop you would know…
  4. LOGOS:    Now this last point is just something interesting I have noticed. Lots of girl clothing have superheros and what society would consider “guy” things. However, you don’t see a section of guy clothes with Elsa and Disney princesses on it 😀 😀 

Is it just me and the shops I go to or is the fabric thickness for girls sometimes just way too thin? 

Image result for clothing gif


Adelina 😀 😀